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Many of today's shippers require temperature-controlled shipping for the transportation of specific goods. Commodities such as food and produce are maintained to precise temperature requirements, while other shipments can be vented or chilled to protect against damaging or dangerous temperature conditions. Ensuring that cargo is not exposed to freezing temperatures (“protect from freeze” service) is required by many shippers during colder months.

Redhawk has discounted truck shipping rates with hundreds of refrigerated and temperature controlled trucking companies. Freight and shipping requirements for refrigerated or temperate controlled commodities are directly related to trucking rate. If you have special needs, do not hesitate to contact one of our specialist to assist you with your refrigerated or temperature controlled truck shipping rates.

We offer instant shipping quotes online for the following types of temperature-controlled equipment:

  • Refrigerated trailers
  • Heated trailers
  • Vented trailers
  • Insulated trailers

Temperature-controlled benefits for our truckload clients:

  • Nationwide capacity
  • Specialized trailers for diverse cargo requirements
  • Expedited and team driver service
  • Custom pricing to meet specific needs
  • Route optimization
  • Constant monitoring and communication from our team of professionals