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Integrate freight quotes, shipment tracking, and order tendering with your application.

  • Instantly shop & compare freight rates from 50+ national and regional LTL carriers
  • Integrate automated freight rates & shipment booking directly into your existing website or application
  • Platform & System Independent
  • Simple XML-based Web Service architecture

The API is available FREE to any business account. To learn more about our Freight Quote API and other Web Services, call one of our shipping professionals at (866) 411 - 4295 or fill out the API contact request form.

Redhawk offers web services via it's proprietary platform eFreightLine's API system as independent, simple to integrate into any platform and is highly reliable. The LTL Rate Quote API integrates LTL and Full Truckload rates into your internal system. This allows your employees and customers’ access to rate shopping tool with over 50 LTL carrier’s rates and market capacity.’s Application Programming Interface (API) offers a simple way to integrate into a multi-carrier LTL rate and freight shipping engine. By accessing our free XML API you get all available shipping and freight rating services from over 50 national and regional LTL carriers delivered to you from a single data source.

With our API, your employees and customers can estimate shipping rates on-demand and streamline the buying process by automating shipping requirements and generating rate quotes without picking up the phone. Our API instantly allows clients to instantly include freight rates into the checkout process for your ecommerce software or business website. Your customers will have the ability to get instant shipping rates and schedule & track their shipments transparently, without ever having to leave your website.